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Increase your digital presence and be always available to your customers and users 24 hours a day using LiveApps, connected with WhatsApp, Messenger, webPages, SMS and Instagram.

The most advanced omni-channel platform.

Be available to more than 1.5 Million WhatsApp users in real time.

Did you know that the email opening rate is less than 30% while on messengers like WhatsApp this volume reaches 85% - you can find opening results within 45 seconds after sending the message.

Reminders and notifications are also allowed through the platform.

LiveApps takes you to a new omnichannel experience.

The first step in your digital presence!

No matter how many digital environments there are, customers will always go at some point for their business on the WEB and this is a very important time to be available and reliable for them.

About 65% of your traffic is lost by users who pass through your website without leaving any contact information - this is comparable to delivering pamphlets on any corner without any correctness. Chatbot solves this dynamic by capturing leads and contacts at any time.

Get information of all your leads!

SMS will always be a reliable channel.

Imagine during a conversation on WhatsApp where your client has no internet signal, with LiveApps this is not a problem - contact anyone via SMS.

Forget that idea that only big brands manage to manage customer service channels using SMS, we bring you the most advanced products on the market at a fair price..

Reach your customers regardless of the service channel!

Facebook Messenger has never been so closer to you

Facebook is very present in the lives of people and communities and that is why it is extremely important that your business is also available to serve them.

Integrate your page's chat with LiveApps and automate your calls.

First reliable chatbot platform for Instagram

Always be present to your customers over Instagram, close deals, open requests, resolve questions, all of this automatically within the Instagram Directs - If necessary, you can also interact with customers through the attendant interface.

First platform on the world to bring this solution.

No matter what software
your company uses, we integrate!

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Take advantage of your team's potential

Connect everyone at the same time

We know that for many companies it is extremely important to guarantee speed in service and that is why LiveApps brings you the same platform that large companies use, so that you can guarantee your customer the same quality and service as gigates in the market.

A powerful management panel!

Use the LiveApps graphical interface to speed up your service

Join +100 happy companies with LiveApps!

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