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Do you need WhatsApp open on multiple computers at the same time?

We have this solution and more! Aiming at small and medium-sized companies, we make LiveApps accessible to everyone through the LITE plan, relying only on extremely necessary resources.

Your WhatsApp can be opened on several computers at the same time without difficulty.

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Take advantage of your team's potential

Connect everyone at the same time

We know that for many companies it is extremely important to guarantee speed in service and that is why LiveApps brings you the same platform that large companies use, so that you can guarantee your customer the same quality and service as gigates in the market.

A powerful management panel!

Use newest LiveApps graphical interface to speed up your service

Don't limit yourself to text messages

Enriching conversations

Business messages should be like normal life. LiveApps adds all the latest news.                                  With audio and video messages, GIFs, files and attachments create a personalized experience.

A simple process

Create your account, scan qrCode and send messages

To facilitate your installation we have created a quick and uncomplicated process. You can even invite your service team by email, it's super easy!

Needed support, contact us!

It is not enough to just hire a software, you need to have a specialist team at your disposal, so our support works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Don't worry, we're here to help.

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